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Miidori needs HELP!!!!
September 14, 2010, 12:59 am
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Well, to make long story short… I’m currently working on another fan-fic (and yes! I will work on that after I’m 100% done with [Star★Dom] No worries, people) I can’t give you all the details now cause I’m still working on the draft (Hehehe) But I really need help from you all. I have this character who I describe as an immature, rude, selfish and self conceit… But here’s the problem… I do not know who (from HSJ) would fit for this role.  The most vote member would appears in the fan-fic. So please vote below for your favorite idol below ^-^ and soon you will read them in my upcoming fan-fic >x< Thank you!!!

Always with Love


Now… You wonder why Keito is not in here… because I have a special role for him already. So happy… voting??

NOTE: This poll will be close on September 20, 2010


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